About Us

A lot of people ask what "BGK" means. The meaning it simple it is just being yourself and not afraid of being yourself. In times were people are being judged more and more, we stand by not letting people judgement hinder your and our success. We are brand with No Boundaries no limitations.  We don't follow trends we create our own trends.  That's why our motto is " Unique Is Your Style".  Following Trends means that you are trying to be a part of a particular crowd.  With us, we are trying to be different from the crowd because we are Unique Individuals. 

At BGK, we simply believe in helping all of our customers around the world own their own style. We strive to deliver nothing but exceptional customer service and top quality in every item that we produce. Our team puts their all into our inventory, whether if it’s a jacket, a set, or even down to just a T-shirt, we want you all to feel the luxurious touch as you wear our brand.

We understand that our customers’ outward image is a result of how they feel on the inside. We know that if you look good, you will feel good, which will allow you to attract all that is good to you. It is our duty to have our BGK fam decked out in the most fashionable pieces at all times! 



- BGK Apparel "Unique Is Your Own Style"